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We’re officially in the heat of the summer and I’m 28 weeks pregnant – crazy!! Now that I’m feeling much better than I was earlier on in my pregnancy, I’ve been running again. I don’t go very fast, but it’s been amazing to finally be back on the roads. (Here’s a post about my pregnancy running). So given that, you’ll see lots of workout outfits linked in this post.

You’ll also see lots of summer blouses and denim shorts. I’m living in maternity denim shorts currently. Believe it or not, there are a lot of things in this post that are not maternity. I’m still able to wear some of my more flowy blouses is that are non-maternity, so you’ll see those here too.

Summer Outfit Roundup

This first outfit is an example of a shirt that’s not maternity. Unfortunately, this top is really old from J.Crew, so I can’t find it anymore. However, J.Crew recently released two tops that I love so much, pretty similar to this one. The thing that I love about this one is that it’s white and flowy, so I linked two similar options below.

These are the maternity shorts that I was talking about above. I’ve been in them pretty much my whole pregnancy and still love them! The sandals are by Kork-Ease. I wear them all the time, and luckily they’re still in stock on Nordstrom Rack. And because everyone needs a tiger pillow, it’s linked here. 😉

Top  (another option here) | Shorts | Shoes

I’ve really been loving this gingham top. The square neck is really flattering, and honestly a very different shape that I’m used to wearing. The shorts are the maternity shorts again. My sandals are Sam Edelman, and they’re honestly really comfortable! I’ve worn them nearly every day since I got them!

The bag that I’m caring is by Barrington Gifts and I’ve had it for about six months now. I love it so much that I got Barrington bags for both my mom and mother-in-law for recent gifts! (I also have this Barrington travel toiletry kit and LOVE it.)

Top | Shorts | Shoes | Bag | Sunglasses


This pattern top is from LOFT and the white sneakers are a new favorite! They’re super comfortable and work well for my slightly wide foot. I pair them with dresses too!

Top | Shorts | Shoes

This outfit is really similar to the one above, but with a different pair of shorts and shoes. The shorts have a cuff at the bottom which I really like since it feels slightly more polished. Fancy jorts. 😉  These are the Sam Edelman flats that I was wearing earlier in this post. Like I said, they’re really comfortable, and thankfully they fit my ankles, even though they are starting to swell by the end of the day, ha!

Top | Shorts | Shoes | Rug


This outfit has been one of my favorite from my maternity looks. This top was originally supposed to be off the shoulder, but honestly I like it a little more puffy on the sleeves like this. This blouse is a true maternity top. (I linked a similar option since this is out of stock) These white jeans are also maternity and I really love them this summer, along with the shoes that I’ve already talked about!

Top | Jeans | Shoes | Rug | Bedding


I love this orange tank top for pregnancy, because the tie at the bottom lets me make it a little bit bigger when necessary i.e. right now. Still loving these maternity shorts, and I’m also loving my AllBird sneakers. They’re so lightweight, breathable and really minimal.

Top | Shorts | Shoes


This outfit was a really comfortable one. The shorts are linen and this non-maternity top is loose and flowy. Both are perfect for working from home. And I dressed up this outfit with a pair of low wedges – they’re Ugg brand and so comfortable.

Top | Shorts | Shoes

 The top is from ASOS, and it’s the cutest maternity top for the best price ever. I love the color and the cut and I think it may work when not pregnant too! The white jeans are really cute and I’m excited to have a pair that I can wear this summer as my bump grows.

Top | Jeans | Shoes


This striped dress is a really comfortable find, and a total steal for $13. It’s not high quality but it’s been great, i.e. VERY STRETCHY, for all stages of pregnancy!

Dress (similar) hereherehere | Bag


Workout Outfits

These camo workout leggings are my favorite pair of leggings. I have them in black and in this camo color and I love them both. I think the camo color is a nice change from normal basic leggings. I’m wearing them with the black tank that is ruched on the sides which is great for maternity and my favorite sunglasses.

Top | Leggings | Sunglasses

I seriously love these workout shorts so much and I’ve also been loving my Oiselle running tanks. These are my New Balance Beacon shoes and I’m obsessed with them too! (Review here.)

Tank | Shorts | Shoes | Watch

The Align leggings were my all-time favorite Lululemon leggings even before pregnancy and I love them even more now. This tank is great because it’s seamless (perfect for a growing bump)!

Tank | Leggings | Watch

This is another Oiselle Tank. I love the bird pattern! These shorts are the 6″ Align shorts (MY FAVORITE) and the shoes are Brooks. Honestly I wasn’t obsessed with my Brooks until pregnancy. But I really appreciate the extra cushion now!

Top | Shorts | Shoes

Love that camo pattern! These aren’t the Align shorts, they’re a different pair called the Fast and Free. They’re a little tighter, but I love them! Tank is also by Lululemon, and the shoes, well, those are just my “pre-Peloton” shoes ;).

Tank | Shorts | Shoes

Same shorts here, the Fast and Free pair. This is the same outfit except a different tank. Still love those slippers ;).

Tank | Shorts | Slippers

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