5 Minute Running Warm Up – A


How to Warm Up Before a Run

Do this Fast 5 Minute Warm Up for Runners before your next run! It’s easy to follow and you can do it anywhere you have space to move around a bit.

Running Warm Up A – Video & Tips

This 5 minute warm up can help you get ready to run! There are 5 moves – 1 minute each. Follow along with the video OR use a timer and do them solo.

This is about YOU and getting YOUR BODY ready for a great run! If you need more time to warm-up, take more time.

5 Minute Running Warm-Up A

Running Warm Up Tips:

  • Start off with slower, smaller movements and slowly let your body warm up.
  • Adjust the moves as needed. If you need to do less – do less. If you feel ready to do more – do more.
  • LISTEN to your body. Your warm up is a good time to check in with yourself from head to toe. Use this information to help plan your runs and recovery.
  • If something hurts – stop. If something is sore – assess why and how bad it’s sore. If one area feels tighter, sensitive, achy, weak, etc… – assess why and how bad.
  • Note any relevant info in your Running Log.
  • End the warm up with a positive affirmation.

After this pre-run warm up… take some time to do any additional warm-up moves your body needs to feel ready to run.

Running Alter Ego

5 Minute Run Warm Up-A:

Do each move for 1 minute (some of the exercises are 30 seconds each side). Follow along with the video or use a timer to do it yourself. Feel free to pause the video and do a few extra reps as needed. Shake-out, move and adjust as needed to get your body ready for a great run!

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5 minute warm up

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