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One of my earliest childhood memories is spending a LOT of time at the library. I would ask my mom to take me multiple times a week since I would devour books. And eventually, I learned to ride a bike (something that did NOT come naturally to me) just so I could go to the library whenever I wanted. I got my own library card as soon as I was old enough (perhaps 8 years old?) and even as I went through middle school and high school, I loved going to the public library to study and do homework. And, of course, to check out a massive stack of books.

I credit my mom for my love of reading. She was an elementary school librarian for over 20 years and almost always has a book in hand, if she’s not running, Crossfitting or cooking. I read every single night in bed to wind down. And since I’ve been spending more time at home on the weekends (my weekdays haven’t changed that much), I’ve been reading 1-2 hours in the middle of the day, which feels so luxurious. I used to read for HOURS at a time and finish books in 1-2 days, and that never happens now unless I’m on vacation. But adding just 1-2 hours in the middle of the day brings me so much joy (and really helps with stress!).

Below is what I read last month, what I’m currently reading and what’s on my bookshelf to read next!

Books I Read in April

This is a sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, which I listened to on Audible about 7 years ago and LOVED IT. (It’s read by Claire Danes and I would literally sit in the parking lot at work and finally roll in late since I couldn’t pull myself away.) While I liked the first few seasons of the Hulu series, I hated the last season. But, The Testaments was SO GOOD and even made me want to not give up on the tv show.

I bought this as a local bookstore in Boone a few months ago. While you can certainly buy books online, a lot of local bookstores are offering free shipping right now, so I suggest supporting your local options when you can!

I read this book when I heard about the Hulu series, flew through it in less than a week and LOVED it. I did not, however, love the tv adaptation. Perhaps because I watched it too soon after reading the book and could easily identify where the show differed.

I can’t remember when or why I first starting following Myka Meier but I really enjoy her Instagram account. And I liked her book too! She’s an etiquette expert and even provides training to the royal family. I’ve always been interested in etiquette even though I’m not exactly a shining example of it. (But hey, I always try to learn and improve!) I bought my first etiquette book when I was about 12 years old!

What I’m currently reading:

I’ve heard Des Linden recommend this book on multiple podcasts and finally bought it. And so far, I am really enjoying it. I didn’t notice when I bought it that it’s written by the same author of Rules of Civility, which I read a few years ago and also loved.

Deena Kastor’s husband wrote this and I didn’t realize that it was geared towards running as you age. (Perhaps I overlooked the “Decades” part of the title.) I still really enjoyed it – it’s an easy read and there’s lots of helpful information regardless of your age. But, he does mention a few things that made me realize how close I am to being a “master’s” runner, i.e. over 40. Sheesh.

I got this from the CEO of Beautycounter, Gregg Renfrew, as a congrats gift for earning a trip to Sun Valley, ID as part of a consultant leadership conference. It’s her favorite book and part of the book was written at the resort we were supposed to be staying at (until the trip got cancelled/postponed). I started it in January and read a lot at first but have slowed down with it since early March. The writing is fantastic but it’s just not really what I’ve been in the mood for lately. I have a feeling I’d like it more in the fall/winter months. (Anyone else feel like books have a season?)

What’s on my bookshelf to read next

I signed up for Book of the Month when the coronavirus blues really started getting to me. It’s a monthly book subscription and there are few things that brighten my day more than a new book. They give you a few options to choose from each month and, for some reason, this is a lot more fun than a box from Target or Amazon. (Note: You can skip a month at any point and it seems cheaper on average than Amazon.) I also love that they include a bookmark. My mom purchases a bookmark wherever she travels and I think it’s such a lovely way to remember a trip since you use it all the time!

Amanda is one of my favorite runner bloggers and is just an awesome person. She told me about her book last year when I finally met her in person during a trip to Boulder. I bought her book as soon as it came out and I can’t wait to dive in. I’ve already flipped through it and can tell it’s an INCREDIBLE resource so be sure to snag it if you’re a new runner or just want to enjoy running more. She’s particularly a great example of doing pre-hab exercises and shares a lot on her Instagram account.

My friend in CA, Anna, and I did a book exchange, where I mailed some books to her and she mailed some to me. (She also included meyer lemons from her lemon tree in the box!! She’s also mailed me persimmons in the past for my birthday, since it’s one of my favorite fruits and so hard to find in NC. Now THAT is a friend.) I’ve wanted to read for a while!

This is another book that Anna sent me! She loves travel literature and I haven’t read much of that genre, so she sent it my way!

What you currently reading or what have you read lately that you’ve loved?

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