Flattering swimsuits – my picks for both one and two pieces!


These swimsuits are flattering, not too skimpy and timeless to last you for years!

Shopping for swimsuits can be so defeating. I feel like every year the trends get skimpier, which is not really my style, especially in my mid-30s! I also think swimsuits have gotten increasingly more expensive. How are we spending so much for such a small garment??

But alas, if we hope to get in the pool or go to the beach, we need swimwear. I try to only by bathing suits that I know I’ll wear for a long time. I believe in quality over quantity, so I typically buy 1-2 nice bathing suits a year and just alternate between them. They key here is buying suits that are simple and not too trendy. This is actually my fashion advice for all of my clothes, not just swimsuits!

What I avoid are bandeau styles (I just don’t love the look on me) and anything “stringy” since that feels too skimpy for my taste now. I do like both bikinis and one pieces, so that’s what you’ll see below. I have a separate post coming with maternity swimwear picks, but I wanted to share some regular swimwear since that what’s I share every year! 🙂 And, of course, not all of you are pregnant!

While we have no beach plans, our pool did open up and we’ve been able to go a few times. They cap how many people are there and it’s so nice to go without it being super crowded like in years past. But since I forget to make reservations, the time we go is typically early evening. And honestly, that’s been lovely. The sun isn’t too intense and it’s a nice way to relax after a productive day. But, I hope we can get to the beach next year. It’ll be a different experience with a little one in tow!

This photo was taken on my honeymoon. Take me back!

Flattering Swimsuit Picks – one & two pieces!


1. This navy top is so pretty with the ruffle detail on the shoulder!

2. More ruffles I love the green color. This top is by a company I recently found called Eberjay. I really like their swimwear!

3. The little ties on the straps of this suit are so perfect. It’s really simple but the bows give it a feminine touch, with plenty of coverage.

4. This patterned top caught my eye immediately. I love the light print and the cut of this, with super thick straps.

5. This lime green top is so fun.

6. You can’t go wrong with a classic suit like this one.

7. I think the ruffles on this suit fall on all the right places, and they’re not too overwhelming.

8. While I’m not generally a halter fan, I love the style of this one piece.

9. This white one piece is so great for a simple suit that will last for years.

10. A high-neck suit that’s also super feminine – yes please. I love the pink color and scalloped edges.


We’d been married for about 24 hours when I took this picture! 🙂


Happy swimming and lounging! And don’t forget sunscreen! Tommy uses this spray sunscreen and I use the tinted version in medium-deep!

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