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On my yoga retreat, I wrote down that my intention for the year was to be more open-hearted. I was primarily thinking romantically but also being more vulnerable to love all around.

And I am so full of love right now. Honestly, to the point it feels a little weird because my heart has never been this abundantly open before.

As I sat across from my therapist in the sun yesterday, I was filled with love. (OK, hi, also transference.) As my physical therapist sank her fist into my piriformis, I was also still filled with love. (And pain, but I digress.) As I flowed through yoga this morning, I was filled with love. I just want to tell everyone I love them right now?

But there are no coincidences, and I know my mom is behind all of this.

As I was searching my email for something last week, I found an email from her that said “a day without pasta is like a day without sunshine.” (Truth.) Then a comment on a blog post I wrote years ago when I was sick, and she said she’d bring me in soup.

The signs kept coming.

A sign for a wifi password that was “spaghetti.” The next night at Whole Foods, I looked up and saw “Mom’s Chicken Noodle Soup” next to “Nana’s Chicken Soup.” (Nana is what we called my grandma.)

My cousin telling me her mom (my aunt/mom’s sister) had a dream that my mom and nana were together.

Laying in savasana in my favorite deeply soulful yoga class, feeling my mom’s presence all around me and her telling me she was there and she was OK.

I sat shaking in my car, I was so overwhelmed with emotion.

I’m feeling really loved and protected as I’m open-hearted right now.

And, reader, I love you too ❤️

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