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If you haven’t seen any of their work, Switch4Good is a platform for athletes advocating against dairy for health and performance. They feature world class athletes, produce excellent, well informed content, and have a great podcast; which I was just fortunate enough to be interviewed on! We covered a great variety of topics such as hormones in soy, my regular eating plan, and raising kids on a vegan diet. Here’s a little sample. Have a listen and let us know what you think!


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It’s been an eventful Summer (and Fall now too! >_<) so unfortunately posting has fallen by the wayside. The good news is, Marcella has completed her PhD in Mathematical Biology, and has accepted a faculty position at the University of Richmond! It’s a beautiful school and she’s honored to have her new post – and I’m loving our on-campus gym dates! ;). The kids are HUGE now, Miles is in 2nd grade and Maxine is on her last year of pre school, and they are both avid mountain bikers, swimmers and weightlifters. We’ll get more food, fitness and family posts coming soon, but just as a heads up we are alive, well, and gettin’ after it! Speaking of which, keep on those Beans & Greens!



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