Testimonial: Thanks For Helping Me and My Daughter

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Hi Robb and Nicki,

As a regular and deeply appreciative listener of ‘The Healthy Rebellion Radio‘ podcast, it’s reminded me to reach out and thank you for the wealth of information you have given to the public and specifically, how it’s impacted my life.

A decade ago, when I was in my mid-20’s, I had a doctor take a look at my ethnic ancestry (part Samoan/Chinese and German/Polish) and with a shrug and somewhat defeated tone, she said “you’ll get diabetes II someday… it’s just your genetic bias.”

I was shocked.

As a woman who was 5’5, 130 lbs with “normal” labs, I was shocked to hear this and was/am determined to prove her wrong. The doctor didn’t recommend much to change this destiny and so I began to research and learn on my own.

Enter your book, ‘Wired to Eat’ which was a critical foundation to better understanding myself and through the carb testing, I learned the foods that left me feeling good and also what impacted my blood sugars.


Fast forward to 2018, I became pregnant and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes after the glucose intolerance test. I was paired with a dietitian from I KID YOU NOT, the ‘Sweet Success Program’ to help me “manage” my condition. The recommendations from the dietitian were a poor match for me and were pushing foods I knew would result in high blood sugar. I was always recommended bread, simple starches, and low-fat. She was concerned I was eating “half an avocado” in a session and many times, I was warned away from blood sugar she thought was too low — “eat a slice of bread with every meal” she would chide me.


Long story short, because you helped me understand my body before I was pregnant, I knew to ignore her recommendations and I had an easy pregnancy with my diet controlling my “gestational diabetes” 100%. I was never at risk for a c-section or other complications and I attribute it largely to your work.

If I am ever pregnant again, I know to advocate for a HbA1c and fasting glucose test so I can avoid the whole run around of being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Anyways, thanks for all you two do to empower and educate the community!

In deep appreciation,


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