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A long time client and friend had a wedding this weekend, and in addition to tearing up the dance floor 😀 we had the rare chance to dress up – except if you look closely you’ll notice we both snuck in a pair of minimalist Xero shoes – SO much more comfortable than regular dress shoes! We also enjoyed an awesome 5-course vegan meal! (The bride and groom are vegan and weren’t afraid of raising a few eyebrows). The kicker was, it was a big wedding wedding with 2-300 guests, and 99.9% of them weren’t vegan or had never even heard of the term!

A lot of couples in this situation would feel self-conscious or compelled to offer an omnivorous meal to please their guests, but Jenna and Bob luckily knew that 1) Good food is good food, and 2) It was THEIR big day, not everyone else’s! The results? People loved it! If our table was any indication, the entire room had a great conversation starter for plant-based eating, taste preferences, health impacts, and all the like. Everyone agreed that the food was delicious and they could see eating it on a regular basis. At the very least, minds were opened, and over two hundred people ate an entirely plant-based meal which saved dozens of animals lives.



The next time you have a big event to plan and aren’t sure about sticking to your vegan principles or tailoring to the crowd, remember that 1) Good food is good food, and 2) It’s YOUR event! Open a few minds, save a few lives 😉



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