What I’m wearing lately (5 months pregnant!)


This fashion round-up is a bit different from previous ones because all of these selfies are bump photos! Most of these photos are from my 5th month of pregnancy, so I was just starting to show. I’m officially shopping for maternity clothes since so few of my regular wardrobe fits now. It’s harder than I thought, but I’ve found a few staples! And thankfully, there are lots of non-maternity items that I already had that still work with my bump, especially my casual t-shirts.

This striped dress is a really comfortable find, but it’s really cheaply made, i.e. a little see through, so I suggest looking at the other options I linked for a more quality option. The sneakers I’m wearing are Allbirds. They’re crazy comfortable and made sustainably. I love how simple and minimal they are and they go with jeans, shorts and dresses! Love them!

Dress (similar) here, here, here | Shoes


This v-neck is has been perfect for the bump so far. I imagine at some point it’ll get too short though! These maternity shorts are my new favorite piece of clothing. And I wear these sandals a LOT – you’ll see them all throughout this blog post. They’re also only $52!

Top | Shorts | Shoes

This is another pair of denim shorts I ordered and LOVE. The ones above have an over-the-belly maternity band, which is fine on cooler days, but it is already WAY too hot in the hot, humid southern temps. This pair has the side panels which is much more tolerable in the heat!

The Veja Sneakers are something I’ve eyed for a long time and I finally got them, and regret not getting them sooner. They were comfortable right out of the box, which is a must for sneakers. They’ve been especially great last week when I went on a lot of walks while dog sitting!

This striped top has been in my closet for a few years, and I still love it. These chino shorts are by Loft Maternity and FANTASTIC. (For a non-maternity option, J. Crew sells an identical pair that I have them in almost every color.) The loafers I’m wearing are by Sam Edelman and I’ve loved them so much that they feel like slippers now.

Top | Shorts | Shoes


If you’ve been following me for a little while, you’ve probably seen this jumpsuit in photos before. I’ve had it for so long. The wedges I’m wearing are new and so far I love them! They are made by Ugg, and I never would have thought to try their shoes other than boots! But, they came in my last Trunk Club and are SO comfortable. Also: this will be the last time I can wear that jumpsuit for a while – ha!. I tried to put it on today and it wouldn’t zip over my nearly 6 month belly!

Jumpsuit (similar) here, here, | Shoes


This might be my favorite outfit from the round-up. The top is from ASOS, and it’s the cutest maternity top for the best price ever. I love the color and the cut and I think it may work when not pregnant too! The white jeans are really cute and I’m excited to have a pair that I can wear this summer as my bump grows. And like I said, there are those shoes again.

Top | Jeans | Shoes


This outfit, like the one above in the grey shirt, has become my go-to. I love having these simple v-neck tees that still fit!  The shorts are the Maternity denim shorts from Madewell. The shoes are On Cloud sneakers and they’re great for walking and casual wear. (The ones I have are not a running shoe! This post has all my running shoes.)

Top | Shorts | Shoes

This top is super old from Amour Vert, but I’ve linked a few that are really similar. I love the bright color and the front tie. I like the detail of the tie, especially since the shirt is really simple. The shorts, again, are Madewell. And the shoes are the Allbirds I was talking about earlier. Really good minimal everyday shoes.

Top | Shorts | Shoes


I love a good Lilly Pulitzer top. This one is reversible with navy on the other side. I love wearing both! I’ve had this for years and still wear it every spring/summer. (And it’s working really well even now that I’m nearly 6 months along!) These shorts aren’t maternity but they fit well in my first trimester.

Top | Shorts | Shoes


This dress is PERFECT for a bump. I’ve been wearing it for a year or two now, and I’m obsessed with it for a maternity dress since it’s so stretchy. I love the fit of it and the flattering wrap. The shoes are really old and aren’t for sale anymore, but I’ve linked another pair that I really like.

Dress | Shoes

This pool-side outfit makes me really happy because I cannot tell you how difficult it was to find swimwear that I liked and that wasn’t priced crazy high. This one piece is a maternity swimsuit from Gap that looks exactly like Hatch (a really expensive but adorable maternity company). The coverup kimono is old, so I linked a few similar ones. I also linked a few similar bags. I really like the round style, and this one is HUGE which is great since it fits a towel and all the other things I need.

Swimsuit | Kimono | Bag

This dress was my favorite purchase from last summer. It’s currently out of stock from ShopBop, but I’m going to link it anyway so you can keep an eye on it in case it restocks. I also found it on Amazon, so here’s that link. You heard me rave about these shoes earlier in this post, but I’ll tell you again that they’re the only shoes I’ve been THIS obsessed with. They’re more comfortable than anything else I have, and since they’re so minimal, they work well with dresses and such.

Dress | Shoes

This is my go-to golf outfit currently. These shorts are life savors – maternity chino shorts. They look just like the J.Crew Chino shorts I have in every color, except these fit my bump. I was so excited to find something like this for golf. The top is a regular golf shirt I’ve had for a while. I love the sleeveless look, especially when it’s dang hot. These loafers are the Sam Edelman loafers I love. They work great for wearing to the golf course before I change into my golf shoes.

Top | Shorts | Shoes

I love this lounge look. This maternity tank is from Gap and the shorts aren’t maternity but very stretchy and linen (i.e. cool)! That’s our neighbor’s dog we house sat – I miss you Bella!

Tank | Shorts | Shoes


This is a better photo of the swimsuit I was talking about earlier in this post. I mentioned that Hatch has a really similar (and really expensive) one that looks a lot like this. I fought with myself over buying the Hatch one for a while, but ultimately settled on the Gap version. I’m glad I did. I really like how this fits, I like the ruching around the belly, and it fits really well.

Swimsuit | Shoes

This outfit is from our bump announcement photo. I love his navy jumpsuit SO much. It’s really flattering and I love the quality. My shoes are sparkly and I love them. Highly recommend them if you’re needing a good shoe for an occasion, these are perfect. I’ve linked Tommy’s outfit below as well.

Mine: Jumpsuit | Shoes

His: Top | Jeans | Loafers


Workout Outfits

These are the outfits I’ve been wearing for Peloton rides, runs, and walks.

Aren’t these cheetah leggings awesome? They’re soft, hold me in, and wick sweat really well. And they work perfectly for a bump! They are one the 2 pairs of leggings I rotate most frequently. I also wrote a review of these on these Pegasus running shoes, you can read here.

Leggings | Shoes | Top | Watch


I love this bright colored tank! It’s old, but I linked a similar tank here. These shorts are great because they help with any chaffing if you struggle with that when working out. They’re also perfect biker shorts if you ride a Peloton or anything similar. These shoes are my New Balance Beacons, and I LOVE them (read my review here).

Shoes | Tank | Shorts | Watch | Visor

Another workout outfit wearing all non-maternity items. I like this tank since the tie-back makes it easy to adjust as I grow!

Tank | Leggings | Shoes | Watch


Hi little baby! I love taking photos from the side view now to see how much my bump has grown. Looking at these photos now, a few weeks later, I feel like I didn’t even have a bump then, ha!

I love this long tank and the leggings are, of course, Align leggings from Lululemon!

Tank | Leggings | Slippers

I love this tank so much. It’s perforated so it has little tiny breathable holes. Great for really hot runs. These shorts are a fun color, too. The shoes I’m wearing in this photo (although they’re hard to see) are Adidas Bostons. I love them and I’ve had a million versions of them. You can see my review of them here.

Tank | Shorts | Shoes | Watch

This photo was after a run. I felt so good since this was one of the first runs in a while after hurting my knee. I wore a great pair of Lululemon shorts, my favorite new shoes, the New Balance Beacons, and a fun purple tank. I also wear my Garmin running watch everyday. (I have a review here.)

Tank | Shorts | Shoes | Watch


This was a Peloton ride outfit. I love the Long Line Energy bra that looks more like a crop…but, I haven’t been able to wear it since this photo (more details about bras while pregnant in this post!). And of course, my Ugg slippers.

Bra | Leggings | Slippers

This workout outfit is a go-to. I wore a similar look earlier in this post, but with different shoes. This purple top is really old, but I linked a similar option. I’ve been loving these shorts for workouts lately. They help with any chafing, and they don’t ride up. I have the same ones in long leggings as well. I’m wearing Nike Pegasus – see my current running shoe rotation here.

Top | Shorts | Shoes | Visor | Watch


I have an entire post dedicated to these New Balance Beacon running shoes. I LOVE them. I had a friend recommend them and I’ve been hooked since I put them on. They feel great on my runs and they are so cute, too.




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