Who’s Your Super Hero Alter Ego for Running


Super Hero Nickname Generator is inspired by the latest Running Warm Up video! The last warm up exercise includes a ‘super hero’ style stance to help you channel some super speedy vibes. *You can see the 5 Minute Runner Warm Up here*

I know it’s hard to stay positive and motivated to run – especially when you’re having a challenging day! And it’s hard to predict when you might need some magic to help you get through a run, so I think it’s important to practice positive thinking and do visualization exercises.

Have your Super Hero Alter Ego ready to go when you need her to pop up and sprint to the finish! But one thing we sometimes forget is that you have to practice using this tool.

Running Super Hero Alter Ego Nickname Generator

Running Super Hero Nickname

I created this Super Hero Nickname Generator to help you identify your inner SUPER RUNNER! It’s on @RunEatRepeat on Instagram here.

Follow @RunEatRepeat and share it with your buddies to help them identify their inner super hero!!

5 Tips to RUNNING When It’s Hard:

  1. Practice Positive Thinking
  2. Do Race Visualization Exercises
  3. Make your default response to a hard run -> determination
  4. Get good at knocking down negative thoughts
  5. Believe in yourself.

And if you’re having a hard time – believe in your super hero alter ego and let SUPER RUNNER take over!


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