5 Things I do for a Productive Day


When you work for yourself, establishing routines can be hard — but they become even more crucial without a deadline of getting into an office. Here’s what my mornings look like since I left Corporate America.

I pride myself in being really disciplined (maybe too much so?). I’ve worked hard to create habits that serve me well, like not being addicted to caffeine (anymore, ahem!) and having a consistent workout schedule. By no means are my habits perfect, and my routine changes all the time, but the key is that I’m always attempting to make good habits. I’ll adapt where necessary and give myself some grace when it just doesn’t happen one day.

But, as with all habits whether it’s eating healthy, working out or staying focused at work, it all starts with a plan and consistency.

I get asked what my morning routine looks like pretty frequently since I often post early coffee shots on IG. Since I left Corporate America I have a completely different schedule than I did a year or two ago. For about 9 months I worked 80+ hour weeks, and then I had to adapt my schedule to life post-Corporate America, working for myself. And now, I’m bracing myself for another schedule change when our baby comes this fall! Like I said, things change all the time.

I do have a pretty consistent morning schedule, though. And I have five habits that are part of my day, every day.

1. Read the news
2. Move my body
3. Eat breakfast
4. Map out my day
5. Block social media 

These things have helped me navigate the craziness that 2020 has been, and helped reduce my anxiety.


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My Morning Routine

Here’s what my mornings look like most days:


Wake up! I try to grab my phone right away since that helps me wake up to engage my brain and helps me wake up. I know lots of morning routine “experts” say not to look at your phone first thing, but it helps prevent me from hitting snooze! However, I don’t get on social media or Voxer (which I use for Beautycounter work) – I only triage emails (deleting, flagging or forwarding to an employee) and read the news. I’m especially careful to stay away from Instagram as it can become a stress inducer if my DMs are full. I often delete Instagram in the evening so I don’t get it on it too late in the evening or too early in the morning!


I get out of bed, get coffee, read more news, read a short devotional. Tommy has been bringing me coffee in bed recently which I love. Or, if I wake up before him, I’ll take him coffee in bed.


I eat an energy ball, get dressed to run or ride the Peloton and do a short warm-up routine if I’m running!

7:00 – 8:00


I used to start my workout later in the day (as noted in my day in the life post) but now that it’s summer, I HAVE to workout earlier if I’m running since it’s too hot out! And still, I have to take this gear with me and take my own advice for running in the heat!

If I’m doing a shorter workout (30 minutes or less or taking a rest day), I’ll go on a walk first to warm-up my body and sometimes I’ll answer Voxers while I walk.

8 – 8:15

Finish workout, rehydrate, stretch.

8:15 – 8:30


8:30 – 9:00

Eat breakfast and watch the news (Noticing a pattern? I know some people hate the news but I love it. I like knowing what’s going on with national current events, politics, and things around the world. Tommy and I are both news junkies!)

For breakfast, I have two go-to’s these days: Ezekiel English muffins or sprouted bread. If I’m doing an english muffin or bread, I toast it (I like a dark toast!) and then slather it with Kerrygold butter and a sprinkle of salt. Sometimes if my stomach is feeling settled, I’ll make avocado toast with a fried egg. Or, I may slather peanut butter and apple butter on the toast. I also usually drink a glass of nuun electrolytes and half a cup of coffee with it.

And let’s note that this is just my first breakfast! I have a second breakfast about an hour later.

9 – 9:30

Finish getting ready. I read a book while I blow dry my hair, and I listen to an audiobook while I do my makeup and curl my hair  – I have too many pregnancy and newborn care books to get through, ha! (I’ll be writing a post on that later!) And, I really hate blow drying my hair so reading a book distracts me! 🙂

How I curl my hair

Sweater | Curling Iron

9:30 – 10:00

Sit down to plan out the day. Before I end work every day, I list out everything I need to do the next day and throughout the week. So when I sit down at this point in the morning, I prioritize that list and map out by day hour by hour with what I’ll work on when. It helps me stay focused.

And after that, I make a second breakfast (usually this smoothie or this one) since toast is not enough food, but I just can’t eat big meals while pregnant! And THEN, I’m off to work (and by “off to work” I mean I’m moving to my home office to start getting busy).

It isn’t super crazy or interesting, but it’s consistent and it works for me. If you’re getting a little stir crazy and are craving a schedule, join me in some of these things! Or leave a comment with your ideal schedule – just putting things in writing often helps implement it!


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