I Got a Covid-19 Test Video of My Experience


Hi! Here’s a quick video of my experience taking the Covid-19 Test and Ben’s experience taking the Covid-19 Rapid Test. I’m not a doctor, therapist or paleontologist. This is not medical advice or info, just a fast take on what it looks like and how it feels.

Taking the Covid19 Test and Rapid Test Video:


  1. Ben lives in FL and recently came back to CA for work. He was very careful during travel but did take a cross-country flight the week before he started to feel sick.
  2. He started to feel sick, mainly tired and sore (or body aches). Given the current outbreak of Covid-19 & his recent travels we had to treat it like he may have been infected with the virus.
  3. I talked to a friend that is a nurse practitioner and has worked at a Covid-19 testing clinic in Orange County about Ben’s symptoms. She voted to act like he had it and quarantine until we could get a test to confirm otherwise.
  4. I personally thought it was just extreme jet-lag because he changed time zones and was working long hours as soon as he got to CA. And we were taking a lot of walks with Diego so that could explain the soreness. But again, we had to err on the side of caution because it was the right thing to do.
  5. I didn’t feel sick or have a fever. Ben did have a very slight fever and tracked it in a spreadsheet multiple times a day for a few days as we waited for the test to track if it was getting worse – it didn’t.
  6. It was hard to get a test! The day he started to feel sick it was early in the morning and I spent most of the day looking for a local testing site that had open appointments. There were NO appointments for that day. I finally found ONE appointment for the next day.
  7. He got the rapid test. It took 20 minutes. It cost just under $200 out of pocket. [His results – Negative]
  8. I got the standard test the next day (at another location – these were the soonest appts I could find). I wasn’t allowed to get the rapid test because my health insurance didn’t cover it and I couldn’t pay for it out of pocket. The results took almost a whole week to come back. [My results – Negative]
  9. I don’t think they stick the q-tip up your nose very far or hard. It didn’t hurt or make my eyes water.
  10. Overall – The test was quick and painless. But finding a test and getting an appointment was NOT easy. And I had to wait a week for the results(it was estimated between 3-5 days). I’ve heard it’s taking even longer than that in many places now.

More info on Coronavirus Testing…

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