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I was recently invited onto the More Than Fitness Podcast hosted by Matt McLeod. As you can likely surmise from the title of the show…

…we chatted about more than fitness.

Staying Calm Through Uncertainty, Becoming a Successful Coach, & Daily Routines

I really enjoyed the conversation Matt and I had centered around COVID and how I’ve handled the pandemic with regards to my business, how I’ve handled throwing an Achilles rupture on top of that, how I got started in the industry, and I’m sure some Star Wars shenanigans are tossed in there as well.

I enjoy more of a freestyle interview approach and that’s exactly what you get in this episode.

You have a few options where you can listen in:

Direct link HERE.

iTunes HERE.

Spotify HERE.

Google HERE.

Don’t Really Know Where This Link Is Taking You HERE.

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